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We just finished a new recording entitled He Leads the Way. 3 of the 11 songs were written by group members, Ricky and Deborah Lovelace, including Jesus Leads the Way, Once and For All, and I've Been to Calvary. Other songs on the project include, I'll Be Alright as Soon as I Touch Calvary, It's Gonna Be Wonderful, Til the Storm Passes By, I'll Take You Home, When I Knelt, Yes I Am, The Eastern Gate, and Something's Happening. We are very excited about this new project, and we believe that the songs chosen for this particular recording are truly annointed by God. We thank and praise Him for His blessings on this project, and we are certain that you will be blessed by the songs. .

Order your copy of He Leads the Way today by calling us at (662) 427-9220 or (662) 423-8024 or by emaling us at lovelacefamilytrio@yahoo.com


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